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Add To Your WishlistLoire Prima LVT Flooring

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    Loire is in the Prima Glue-Down range of LVT flooring. This is our entry level product which is aimed at delivering a great quality LVT (2.5mm thick with a 0.3mm wear layer) that looks and feels like a natural wood product. Ideal for when budgets are tight, and for use in residential and commercial properties.

    Boxes contain 30 planks and will cover 4.18 Sq mtr

    Tile size is 915 x 152mm / 36 x 6in

    2.5 mm thickness

    Pack weighs 15 kg.

    Only full boxes available - sorry, we cannot split packs.

    Not to be confused with Click Flooring, Prima is a dry-back tile which is glued in place. In the rare event that a plank gets damaged in any way in the future, the solution is simple. The plank is heated up and removed and replaced. No need to take up the whole floor and have extra expense and disruption.

    Guaranteed for 15 years in a residential setting, Prima Luxury Vinyl Flooring is so easy to keep clean and can be just wiped with a damp cloth, as well as being really durable and difficult to scratch.

    Remember to add around 10% more than what you have measured to allow for cuts and wastage.

    If you haven’t seen Prima, we recommend ordering a sample to get a true idea of the colour as computer screens don’t always give a true likeness.

    Ideal for use where there are children and pets as easy to clean. 


    Easily cleaned with water and light detergent


    Floors that can stand up to large and small spills


    Soft and pliant material makes the floors comfortable to walk on

    Compatible with under-floor heating. A different latex solution needs to be used.

    Please note: 

    A screed floor or a concrete floor will need latexing before fitting Ambiance.

    A wooden floor has to have a minimum of 6mm plywood screwed to the wooden floor, before the Ambiance can be laid. No latex is needed in this case.

    If a fit is to be in a basement, a liquid waterproof membrane has to be laid first, and then latex.


    F Ball F44, F Ball F46, Thomsit K190, UZIN KE2000S.
     For direct sunlight, conservatories and wet areas:
     F Ball F48, F Ball F49, Thomsit R710.

    Installation must be carried out in accordance with local standards
     such as BS CP 8203, DIN 18365.

    Cost per sq mtr is £22.08 + VAT @ 20% - £4.42 = £26.50

    We offer a fitting service in the Coventry, Rugby, Bedworth, Warwick and Solihull areas. Please contact us for details.

    We also supply Ambiance LVT flooring which is top of the range and perfect for commercial properties as well as residential. 

    See more info about Ambiance here.

    Prima is available in:

    Autumn Oak

    Azzura Grey

    Burnt Oak

    Champagne Oak

    Cyprus Umber

    Dovecote Oak




    Pearl Grey


    See the range of Prima LVT here